Vartika writes on politics, gender, and culture. You may find links to some of her published works below:


The Big Bang (alternately titled ‘Inconclusive Poem’)
The Alipore Post | March 14 2021

Essays and Commentary

Is Indian Democracy a ‘Human Institution’? What Does It Mean?
The Quint | March 1 2021
Can Indian Cities be Better Designed for Women?
Feminism in India | February 9 2021
Is Preventive Surveillance How We Will Ensure Women’s Safety?
Feminism in India | January 18 2021
Lessons in Intersectional Feminism from bell hooks
Feminism in India |
January 6 2021
My Dark Vanessa: A Case Study of How Sexist Marketing Belittles Women Writers
Feminism in India |
December 29 2020
Why Online Examinations Make for Unfair Testing
Live Wire | 18 May 2020

Features and Reportage

A Rabbit Hutch to Ensure Public Cleanliness?
The Citizen | 23 June 2019
The Question of Imposition: Three Languages Raise a Stink
The Citizen | 14 June 2019
Despite Highest Voter Turnout, Basti Threatened with Demolition
The Citizen | 10 June 2019
A Metro Ride: Women React to Free Fare
The Citizen | 6 June 2019
How Delhi’s Reading Habits are Changing
The Citizen | 5 June 2019
In Aurangabad, Drinking Water brings a Former Journalist to Parliament
The Citizen | 1 June 2019
The 92 Year Old Superman
The Citizen | 29 May 2019
World Bank and IMF Maximise Corporate Greed, Say Women’s Group Opposing Report
The Citizen | 19 October 2018
#MeToo Hits the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry
The Citizen | 8 October 2018
Bhima Koregaon: A Protest and a Press Conference
The Citizen | 29 September 2018
Transgender Community Faces Increasing Violence since 377 Ruling
The Citizen | 17 September 2018
Indians Celebrate as Apex Court Decriminalises Homosexuality
The Citizen | 7 September 2018
DUSU: Nationalism and the Fate of Student Politics
The Citizen | 1 September 2018
“A Coup Against the Constitution of India”
The Citizen | 31 August 2018
Storm of Protest Grows: People and Courts Question Arrests
The Citizen | 30 August 2018
Rationalists Under Attack: “If We Shut Up, They Succeed”
The Citizen | 24 August 2018
This essay was reprinted in Speaking Tiger’s Battling for India: A Citizen’s Reader (2019, ed. Githa Hariharan)
A City Students’ Group is Making Restricted Art Forms Popular
The Times of India | 5 August 2017
SRCC Students Protest Professor Assault
The Times of India | 30 July 2017
KMC, SRCC Welcome Their Freshers
The Times of India | 20 July 2017
DU Admissions: Centralised Process Hurdle for Many
The Times of India | 17 July 2017
Rush Hour for NCWEB
The Times of India | 15 July 2017
Expressions of Love take over Akshara Theatre
The Times of India | 26 June 2017
Wheels of Poetry Turn at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station
The Times of India | 21 June 2017